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The Consular functions of this Mission involve the protection of the basic internationally recognizable rights of Fijian nationals residing in or visiting the Middle East, within the constraints of international agreements and law. To achieve this, the Mission assists and provides advises in the following areas:


  • Application for new passports;
  • Application for Certification of Identities;
  • Renewal of Fijian passports;
  • Registering births and deaths of Fijian citizens in the Middle East;
  • Offering advice and assistance to Fijian nationals who get arrested or become the victim of a crime;
  • Assist Fijians in any Ports of Calls;
  • Offering advice and assistance to Fijian nationals who fall ill or to the families of Fijian citizens that die in the Middle East;
  • Providing Travel Advice for those planning journeys in the region and beyond.


What the Embassy Can Do

  • Issue emergency travel documents upon approval by the Fiji Immigration Department
  • Provide assistance in the case of an accident, serious illness, or death to arrange for next of kin to be informed
  • Provide a list of doctors and lawyers to assist in consular cases
  • Visit you in jail, if you are arrested, if you so requested and arrange for your family to be informed, if you wish
  • Help you during emergencies, such as natural disasters and insurgencies

What the Embassy Cannot Do


    • Resolve immigration issues such as illegal entry or expired visas
    • Arrange any of your travel or hotel bookings
    • Pay your hotel, travel costs, medical, or any other bills or become involved in disputes about these expenses
    • Provide funds to pay your legal costs, fines or debts
    • Get you out of jail for crimes committed or violation of the laws of the host countries you stay in 
    • Represent you at legal proceedings or give legal advice or intervene in court cases
    • Pay for the repatriation of human remains/body
    • Obtain special treatment for you in jail, or hospital, or in any dealings you might have with local authorities
    • Obtain work or a work permit for you


The Embassy can only give advices on where to get assistances for such services

Just a gentle reminder to us all, that we should be all abiding citizens of the countries of our temporary residences we reside in this region, including strictly adhering to migration and residency laws. In doing this we will not only honor the laws of the host country as we should but we will honor ourselves, our families, our home country and those fellow Fijians who aspire to follow in our footsteps to find employment in our host countries. If we flout the visa laws under which we have come, this will undoubtedly muddy the waters for all aspiring Fijian workers.

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